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Is Kelham Island Sheffield’s New Tattoo Quarter?

Originally the industrial heart of the city, Kelham Island has changed drastically over the years. Since the launch of Peddler Market, the area has since become the home to some of the best restaurants, bars, pubs, food halls and markets in Sheffield.

Kelham Island

Although Kelham is now renowned for its bustling food and drink scene, the area is also quickly becoming the new hub for tattoo studios in the city. Crybaby Tattoo and Tenacious Tattoo were some of the first studios to open in the area and since then, other shops have quickly followed suit, with some even moving from their prime, city centre locations to the ex-industrial spaces of Kelham Island and Neepsend.

Kelham is now home to a number of studios, including Lower Your Tone Tattoo, Heavy Hearts Tattoo Club, Secret Lab Tattoo Studio and Everblack Tattoo Company. It is apparent that artists are drawn to the area; with the recent influx of studios that have opened in and relocated to Kelham Island in recent years. This is probably due to the fact that Kelham is often seen as the cultural capital of the city by locals, causing Sheffield-based creatives to flock to the area.

One of the most recent additions to the area is Heavy Hearts Tattoo Club, owned by Niall Shannon and Brad Leander. Specialising in Neo-Traditional and traditional Japanese style pieces, the pair have recently moved from Sheffield’s city centre to a new space located inside Kelham Arcade. Niall and Brad have been tattooing for 14 and 8 years respectively and it is their first time working in the Kelham Island Quarter.

Another shop which has recently opened in the Kelham Island Quarter Lower Your Tone Tattoo Studio, owned by André Rosa, Josie Hall and Glenn Morris. Having previously worked together at a different studio in Kelham Island, they decided to set up their own shop at Globe Works on Penistone Road. Having previously worked and lived in Brazil, Finland and the Netherlands, André has now relocated to Sheffield, his colleagues Josie and Glenn have also recently moved to the area, relocating from Lincoln.

With Kelham Island becoming one of the most rapidly up-and-coming areas in the city, it’s no surprise that small, independent businesses are popping up left, right and centre. Already known for its bustling nightlife, Kelham and Neepsend are becoming rife with restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, art shops, nail salons and now, tattoo parlours; slowly, but surely, contributing to the area’s flourishing day-time scene.

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