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Terms & Conditions

Event: Sheffield Tattoo Festival 2023
Address: Peddler Warehouse, 92 Burton Road, Sheffield S3 8BX
Dates & Times: Saturday 23rd September – 10am – 9pm / Sunday 24th September – 10am – 7pm

The second instalment of Sheffield Tattoo Festival will again take place within Peddler Warehouse, home to the renowned Peddler Market. The warehouse is a 7,500 square foot ex-industrial premises turned independent event space, known for its versatility. Our team is adding a whole host of new events to the books; making the most of the space’s industrial assets, incredible sound and continued selection of award-winning street food.

The 2022 edition of Sheffield Tattoo Festival was a great success; with overwhelming feedback from guests and artists in attendance – plus, lots of inspiration for what we can bring to this year’s event, to make it bigger and better for all involved.

In order to celebrate all things body art and highlight creative talent in Sheffield and beyond, we’ve partnered with local artists to ensure this is everything it can be for guests, whilst ensuring the utmost safety and security for guests and artists alike. If you have any questions on our approach to this, please contact

Anyone interested in taking part in Sheffield Tattoo Festival 2023 can apply here. We welcome invitations from both individuals and studios with multiple artists. Booth holders are welcome to host multiple artists within their booth throughout the day, but we ask that one person be responsible for all requirements and legalities throughout the planning and execution of the festival.

Please ensure you read these Terms & Conditions thoroughly and if you have any questions in advance of your application, please reach out to the Event Manager via

Your application will be reviewed by the Sheffield Tattoo Festival Committee and if successful, you will receive a written confirmation via email and be invoiced 50% of your booth fee as a deposit. Once this is paid, you will be part of the official event line up. Please note: We’re unable to work with any artists who do not have up to date documentation.

Costs & Payment Schedule
The price to participate at Sheffield Tattoo Festival 2023 is £200 + VAT. A 50% deposit is required to secure your booth, you will be invoiced via Hop Box Ltd if your application has been accepted. The remaining balance is due 6 weeks prior to the event date (Saturday 12th August)

In the unfortunate event that you need to cancel your attendance at the event, please inform the event manager ASAP. If this is more than 60 days before the event, we will be able to fully refund your deposit and any payments made, after this date the following fees occur:

60-30 days: 50% of your deposit is refundable
Within 30 days: Non-refundable

In the unfortunate circumstance that Peddler Warehouse needs to cancel the event, all traders will be informed ASAP and offered a new date to move to. If a new date cannot be agreed refunds will be available. If the event is cancelled, the booth holder will be offered a booth at a similar sized future event. We reserve the right to change the venue or the dates of the event.

You agree on behalf of the artists/piercers and studio named on the application, to release The Hop Box Ltd, Peddler Warehouse and its Employees and agents from all manner of claims, actions and demands in law arising from the procedure of tattooing or piercing, damages, breakages and accidents or thefts in your work area. You should check that your insurance arrangements cover the artists/piercers and studio for this event.

You agree on behalf of the artists/piercers and studio named below, to release the Venue and its Employees and agents from all manner of claims, actions and demands in law arising from the procedure of tattooing, damages, accidents or thefts in your work area. You should check that your insurance arrangements cover the artists/piercers and studio for this event.

You understand that you must have in place insurance arrangements to cover theft, loss and/or damage to possessions/equipment you bring to the event. We also highly recommend that you have treatment insurance in place.

Health & Safety
We work closely with Local Authorities to ensure a safe and fun event for all. Sheffield Tattoo Festival falls under the jurisdiction of Sheffield City Council Environmental Health, by attending you agree to answer any questions or enquiries made by its appointed officers and must have copies of all certification to hand when asked.

All persons carrying out the skin piercing activities are referred to as Operators (and Peddler Events, the premises). All Operators must be Registered before carrying out the skin piercing activities, we will need a copy of your registration (either in Sheffield or other Local Authority Areas) and you will need to bring a hard copy of this with you to the convention for any local authority visits / inspections on the day. Any Operator from outside the UK must also be Registered with a UK Local Authority.

More information on physical and procedural requirements can be found in the Byelaws and Toolkit. Please ensure you follow these legal requirements thoroughly. If you have any issues or questions – please reach out in advance.

Conditions Of Tattooing
A copy of each tattoo artist’s registration certificate must be sent to the organiser, and the original must be available for inspection at the event. Each operating tattoo artist must have a copy of their passport, driving licence or other official means of identification available at the convention as proof of identity. A consent form must be completed by the client. The consent forms should be retained by you and you must give the organiser (Peddler Events Team) a copy of your booking diary; to easily narrow down any potential enquiries from clients sent to us or directly to the council.

Prior to and immediately after tattooing a client and at all other appropriate times e.g. after visiting the toilet or removing gloves, hands and arms must be washed with anti-bacterial wash and hot water and dried thoroughly with disposable paper towels. Any small cuts or abrasions on the Operator’s hands must be covered with a waterproof dressing. The tattoo site and all areas you will be handling must be disinfected using alcohol wipes, provided by yourself, prior to commencement.

Each operator must wear the following protective clothing.
Single use, disposable gloves (not Latex)
Disposable aprons/lap cloths as appropriate

Equipment should be set up in front of the client and must include the following:
Single use pigment trays and caps
Single use pigment
Single use needles
Single use of ointment and spatula
Single use tissue
Disposable gloves
 Needles should be removed from the sealed bag in front of the client.
 Needles should be placed in a suitable Sharps container conforming to British Standard 7320/UN.3291 immediately after use by the operator.
Awareness of contamination is required.

Check gloves periodically for pin holes.
Do not touch eyes, nose, mouth or hair with gloved hands
No smoking with gloves on
No Latex gloves are allowed
Place all required pigments into pigment caps prior to commencement, to eliminate the touching of pigment bottles during tattooing.
Blot excess blood and body fluids from the tattoo
Apply a thick layer of ointment to the tattoo and dispose of the spatula
Apply a sterile dressing to the wound and secure it with micropore tape or other suitable means.
Provide verbal and written aftercare advice to each client and obtain their signature to confirm receipt of the advice.
All clinical waste, excluding Sharps, must be placed in yellow clinical waste bags.
Sharps must be placed in the sharps bins provided.
Waste water must be placed in the white buckets provided.
Regular collections of Clinical Waste and Waste Water will take place during the event.

All surfaces which may have become contaminated must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between clients, using hot soapy water followed by a proprietary disinfectant.

Each operator must wear the following protective clothing.

Single use, disposable gloves (not Latex)
Disposable aprons/lap cloths as appropriate

We ask that there is no eating or drinking within the tattoo booth.

Body Piercing
Body piercers must either use fully disposable equipment (we will provide a sharps bin) or bring an autoclave as part of their set up.

Peddler Events always strives to be family-friendly and offer something for all ages to enjoy, the nature of ‘tattooing’ as per safeguarding guidance is not suitable for under 18’s, therefore no access to the warehouse (ticketed boundary of the event) will be granted for persons under 18, this is detailed also in the ticket information on Skiddle. However, we have a Food & Drinks area at the front of the venue outside, this is not in the ticketed boundary of the event and under 18’s are more than welcome in this area. We encourage you to invite your family and friends to make the most of this section. We also have Factory Floor and The Depot Bakery on-site, which you’re welcome to enjoy as indoor drinking and dining options.

Attending artists are responsible for managing their own bookings throughout Sheffield Tattoo festival 2023. Peddler Events takes no responsibility for guaranteeing bookings before or during the event and any booking enquiries sent to us, will be advised to reach out to their chosen artist directly. 2022 was a very busy event, with the vast majority of ticketholders wanting to book and receive a tattoo on the day. We therefore recommend that you minimise the amount of prebookings taken, allowing event attendees to book with you on the day. Please note, tickets are valid for one day only, so guests cannot be asked to return the following day for a booking, without having a valid ticket for that day.

Peddler Events is committed to providing the venue and entertainment through the convention, with a talented mix of stalls, merchandise, music, street food, craft beers, sodas and more. We also commit a considerable amount of money to the production and marketing of this event, to encourage maximum attendance and coverage. We love to collaborate and will be working across our social channels to re-post and support any Trader’s personal marketing in order to maximise reach. This being said; we cannot guarantee you work, we advise you to incorporate the promo of this event into your own brand’s marketing plans this year as well.

During The Event
Please make yourself known to the Event Manager on arrival who will talk you through the best / safest way to access the site with your equipment – during the build you are welcome to drive up to the door to unload, then find a parking space after. There is parking available for traders on-site from 17:00 on Friday 22nd September – 23:55 Sunday 24th September, all vehicles must be removed after this time.

You must not obstruct walkways or encroach into other booths, any damages to the booths or venue must be paid for. Banners and Posters to promote your brand may be attached to booths using clamps or pins in the pipe and drape.

Tattoo Artists/Piercers are welcome to sell prints, t-shirts, aftercare and other non tattoo/piercing equipment items from their booths. If you build machines then you may sell your own machines (to the trade only) however, you must not sell items on behalf of suppliers, companies or other machine makers. You can not sell inks, tattoo equipment, piercing equipment or anything else that is already available from the trade suppliers in attendance. If you would like to sell these items then you must book a Trade Booth. If unsure, please reach out to your Event Manager to check items for sale

Consent Forms
Sheffield Tattoo Festival Consent Forms must be used during the event; you will be issued with copies upon registration. Please familiarise yourself with the consent form and if you have any queries relating to it, please ask a member of our team.

If you wish to use your own Consent Form, this must be used in addition to the Consent Form provided and copies must be provided to us for our event records. Sheffield Tattoo Festival will not be responsible for any errors or omissions, or losses.

You must keep copies of your Consent Forms for at least 3 months post-event; to allow any queries from Sheffield City Council to come through, they’ll reach out directly and your completed consent form is a key document for any queries / issues post-event. Peddler Events as a venue kindly ask for a copy of your bookings schedule (client’s name and appointment date/time) which will allow us to identify people and respond to queries more easily. Due to Data Protection laws, we cannot keep copies of your Consent Forms on your behalf.

Verbal and Written ‘English’ aftercare advice must be given to all clients. An example of aftercare advice will be supplied at registration.

Electrical Equipment
All electrical equipment used at the event must be PAT tested, you must make your own arrangements to have your equipment certified. Any items not containing a valid and in-date PAT test sticker will not be allowed to be used. Please indicate during your application if you will require PAT testing on-site.

What Will be Provided
Each tattoo artist will be supplied:
2m wide x 2m deep, pipe and drape booth
2m of table display space in front of your booth. (Please note these tables are connected to neighbouring booths)
1 x 45cm x 53 cm small table
3 x domestic 13amp sockets (Please ask in advance if you require more)
Trader pass for 1 x lead artist & 1 x staff member (Successful applicants can request additional passes)

Trader merch bundle
Antibacterial alcohol hand wash
2 x folding chairs
6 x recyclable plastic cups
4 x super absorbent sachets (to allow rinse cups to be disposed into medical waste bins)
1 x 2litre bottle of water for rinse cups
1 x large blue roll
2 x rolls of kitchen towel
Sharps container
Clinical waste bags
General waste facilities available on-site
Blood spill kits available on-site
Hand wash facilities within a short distance from your booth

Reprographic services are provided free of charge, but we recommend bringing your own where possible as there can often be a small wait to use these facilities.

Please bring with you:
Tattoo chair / bed
Small tattoo table for tattooing equipment – we can provide this at an additional cost; please let us know at least 2 weeks in advance if you will require one.
Waste water bucket
Cling film
Machine bags
Paper roll
Clipcord covers, gloves, aprons and other cleaning supplies if required.
Desk fan (optional)
Table cover (optional)
Personal heating equipment (optional)

We appreciate some of you and your team will be travelling to the event, so please feel free to request any additional items needed from our Events Team in advance; they can help source any additional equipment or connect you with local suppliers. Any additional items needed would be charged in addition to your booth fee where necessary.

Event Schedule
Friday 22nd September:
1pm – 8pm: Load-In / Artist and trader access only.

Saturday 23rd September:
8am – 9.30am: Load-In / Artist and trader access only.
10am – 9pm – Event open to the public

Sunday 24th September:
8am – 9.30am: Load-In / Artist and trader access only.
10am – 7pm – Event open to the public
7pm – 11pm – Event closed. De-Rig

We want your booth to look amazing and will provide the 2mx2m Pipe and Drape system and Table, this will all be black. The best way to show your brand off is a Banner / Flag / Logo that can be attached to the drape fabric.

Our marketing team will work with all successful applicants to ensure you and your work is promoted across all Sheffield Tattoo Festival promotional channels.

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