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Terms & Conditions

Event: Sheffield Tattoo Festival 2023
Address: Peddler Warehouse, 92 Burton Road, Sheffield S3 8BX
Dates & Times: Saturday 23rd September – 10am – 9pm / Sunday 24th September – 10am – 7pm

The second instalment of Sheffield Tattoo Festival will again take place within Peddler Warehouse, home to the renowned Peddler Market. The warehouse is a 7,500 square foot ex-industrial premises turned independent event space, known for its versatility. Our team is adding a whole host of new events to the books; making the most of the space’s industrial assets, incredible sound and continued selection of award-winning street food.

The 2022 edition of Sheffield Tattoo Festival was a great success; with overwhelming feedback from guests and artists in attendance – plus, lots of inspiration for what we can bring to this year’s event, to make it bigger and better for all involved.

In order to celebrate all things body art and highlight creative talent in Sheffield and beyond, we’ve partnered with local artists to ensure this is everything it can be for guests, whilst ensuring the utmost safety and security for guests and artists alike. If you have any questions on our approach to this, please contact

Alongside a host of talented Tattoo Artists, we will have 6-8 Stalls available for Traders. We received lots of great feedback on the selection of complementing products at the event in 2022, so want to make sure we have a stellar line up for 2023 as well. These stalls will be situated in the centre of our warehouse, and you will be provided with a 6ft x 2ft stall on which you can setup your products.

Please ensure you read these Terms & Conditions thoroughly and if you have any questions in advance of your application, please reach out to the Event Manager via

Your application will be reviewed by the Sheffield Tattoo Festival Committee and if successful, you will receive a written confirmation via email and be invoiced 50% of your booth fee as a deposit. Once this is paid, you will be part of the official event line up. Please note: We’re unable to work with any artists who do not have up to date documentation.

Costs & Payment Schedule
The price to participate at Sheffield Tattoo Festival 2023 is £100 + VAT. A 50% deposit is required to secure your booth, you will be invoiced via Hop Box Ltd if your application has been accepted. The remaining balance is due 6 weeks prior to the event date (Saturday 12th August)

In the unfortunate event that you need to cancel your attendance at the event, please inform the event manager ASAP. If this is more than 60 days before the event, we will be able to fully refund your deposit and any payments made, after this date the following fees occur:

60-30 days: 50% of your deposit is refundable
Within 30 days: Non-refundable

In the unfortunate circumstance that Peddler Warehouse needs to cancel the event, all traders will be informed ASAP and offered a new date to move to. If a new date cannot be agreed refunds will be available. If the event is cancelled, the booth holder will be offered a booth at a similar sized future event. We reserve the right to change the venue or the dates of the event.

Trading Terms
By applying to trade at Sheffield Tattoo Festival, you agree with the terms and conditions outlined below:    

Your place will only be secured once we’ve received your deposit and ALL required documentation. Documentation must be in date and accurate, as required by the H&S legislation.
While trading, the set-up and installation of your equipment must adhere with your documentation and risk assessments. Failure to do so endangers the health and safety of event attendees and we may ask you to stop trading.
Please ensure your waste is securely bagged and placed in the correct waste bin, please remember all the bins on site are compost only! If you put any non-compostable waste in these bins, the entire 1100L bin will be rejected and sent to landfill. Any waste we find in these bins will be removed by our staff and we will not pay your deposit back for that day of trade. This is very important to us and we need to take it seriously for it to work.
You agree to leave the land / ground you trade on exactly as you found it, taking measures to prevent any spillages under your vehicle / trading stand. If there are extensive stains where you have been we will charge you appropriately.
To sell exactly what is specified on your application. If you wish to amend your product list / style we must be informed of this prior to the event.
You are not permitted to serve alcohol, coffee, hot or cold drinks at the event.
You must adhere to any COVID-19 rules we set in place as a venue, as they change with government regulations. 

It is the responsibility of you as a trader to properly train and brief any employees, workers or subcontractors who are brought to work at our venue. All traders and trader representatives must adhere to our event safety plan and risk assessments. We will proactively aim to enforce our site rules, but we do not accept any liability for any non adherence to site rules by trader representatives, employers, workers and subcontractors.  

Please ask our project management team if you require any clarification of site rules.

We kindly ask all Stallholders to be set up and ready to trade by 9.30am on Saturday 23rd September. We will have a set up day for Artists & Stallholders on Friday 22nd September, you’re welcome to set up on Friday day or Saturday AM. Please message our Events Manager with your preferred set up date and time.

We allocate trading pitches carefully across the site plan, considering trader variety and pedestrian flow. For these reasons, there will be no opportunity to swap pitches. 

All loading vehicles will need to be off site 45 mins before the event starts and we will enforce this strictly. Traders are expected to be ready to open at the start of the event and actively serving by the above service times.

You must not pack down or move your set-up until the event ends at 9pm/7pm. You may clean down your equipment within your unit, but please do not dismantle your set-up and leave all lighting / branding in place. In the interest of public safety, vehicle movement is prohibited until the site has been cleared. You must await instructions before moving your vehicle or bringing a towing vehicle onto site at the end of the event.     

By applying to trade at Sheffield Tattoo Festival, you agree with the terms and conditions outlined below. We carefully consider all applications and will be in touch to let you know whether or not your application has been successful. Your place will only be secured once we’ve received your deposit and the documentation outlined above. 

Peddler Events always strives to be family-friendly and offer something for all ages to enjoy, the nature of ‘tattooing’ as per safeguarding guidance is not suitable for under 18’s, therefore no access to the warehouse (ticketed boundary of the event) will be granted for persons under 18, this is detailed also in the ticket information on Skiddle. However, we have a Food & Drinks area at the front of the venue outside, this is not in the ticketed boundary of the event and under 18’s are more than welcome in this area. We encourage you to invite your family and friends to make the most of this section. We also have Factory Floor and The Depot Bakery on-site, which you’re welcome to enjoy as indoor drinking and dining options. 

Peddler Events is committed to providing the venue and entertainment throughout the event, with a talented mix of stalls, merchandise, music, street food, craft beers, sodas and more. We also commit a considerable amount of money to the production and marketing of this event, to encourage maximum attendance and coverage. We love to collaborate and will be working across our social channels to re-post and support any Trader’s personal marketing in order to maximise reach. This being said; we cannot guarantee you work, we advise you to incorporate the promo of this event into your own brand’s marketing plans this year as well.

There are parking spaces available on-site, these are first come first served, but there is on-street parking available in the surrounding area. After 5pm on Friday, the car parking spaces in SYDS next door become available for the whole weekend so you can move closer to the site.

Waste Disposal
We have recently changed the way we manage our waste. Unfortunately, our compostable plastics suppliers no longer supply the compostable items we need for our bar to be fully compostable – which is something we are working to change. However, we are working with a waste team, Forge Recycling, who fully recycle our bar plastics and send them to be made into recycled plastic products. This only applies to the plastic that these cups are made from and we are continuing to compost the rest of our waste. We politely ask our Traders to get on board with this and use 100% compostable packaging wherever possible.

We will have General Waste, Cardboards & Recycling bins on-site for any waste that is not compostable. Their whereabouts will be explained to you by a member of the team upon your arrival. If the bins are full you MUST take your waste with you. Dirty equipment must be taken away and cleaned off site. Please don’t clean down your equipment on site after trading.  

Please leave the land/ground you trade on exactly as you found it, taking measures to prevent any spillages under your vehicle / trading stand. If you are trading inside, please bring flooring to cover your whole set up.  Please remember we also use the site for weddings and corporate events. Any trader that does not bring adequate floor covering and leaves marks, oil or damage to the warehouse/courtyard floors will be charged via their deposit.

During The Event
Please make yourself known to the Event Manager on arrival who will talk you through the best / safest way to access the site with your equipment – during the build you are welcome to drive up to the door to unload, then find a parking space after. There is parking available for traders on-site from 17:00 on Friday 22nd September – 23:55 Sunday 24th September, all vehicles must be removed after this time.

You must not obstruct walkways or encroach into other booths, any damages to the booths or venue must be paid for. Banners and Posters to promote your brand may be attached to booths using clamps or pins in the pipe and drape.

Tattoo Artists/Piercers are welcome to sell prints, t-shirts, aftercare and other non tattoo/piercing equipment items from their booths. If you build machines then you may sell your own machines (to the trade only) however, you must not sell items on behalf of suppliers, companies or other machine makers. You can not sell inks, tattoo equipment, piercing equipment or anything else that is already available from the trade suppliers in attendance. If you would like to sell these items then you must book a Trade Booth. If unsure, please reach out to your Event Manager to check items for sale

Electrical Equipment
All electrical equipment used at the event must be PAT tested, you must make your own arrangements to have your equipment certified. Any items not containing a valid and in-date PAT test sticker will not be allowed to be used. Please indicate during your application if you will require PAT testing on-site.

Event Schedule
Friday 22nd September:
1pm – 8pm: Load-In / Artist and trader access only.

Saturday 23rd September:
8am – 9.30am: Load-In / Artist and trader access only.
10am – 9pm – Event open to the public

Sunday 24th September:
8am – 9.30am: Load-In / Artist and trader access only.
10am – 7pm – Event open to the public
7pm – 11pm – Event closed. De-Rig

Our marketing team will work with all successful applicants to ensure you and your work is promoted across all Sheffield Tattoo Festival promotional channels.

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